Other Services

As a Professional Makeup Artist, I believe that beauty lives in everyone. Sometimes, however, it takes someone else to help us see the beauty that is within ourselves. This is what I do through my art. Attending the D’Marie School of Artistry has given me the drive for perfection and unforgiving training taught me to develop a critical eye for bone structure and an understanding of contour and shading techniques. These hard earned skills allow me to better serve my clients. I am able to use my art to enhance their natural beauty and, where appropriate, apply corrective techniques that appear both invisible and natural allowing my clients to see themselves as they have always wanted.

My greatest pleasure comes from connecting with my clients and enhancing their intrinsic beauty through the power of makeup in a way that supports and conforms to their personal style.

  • Private makeup lessons are perfect for women who want to learn techniques for applying everyday makeup to look their most polished. Lessons are offered on a per hour basis, whether in a group or a one on one session.